Interested in jobs in Marine Ecology? Leatherback turtle spotted in the Hebrides in rare sighting

Posted in September 2020

A leatherback turtle was spotted this weekend by the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. True ocean wanderers, these turtles are rare visitors to the UK.

This incredible encounter, which occurred 15 miles west of the Isle of Muck, happened on the conservation charitys most recent acoustic expedition on board their specialised research vessel, Silurian.

The expeditions aim to collect crucial scientific data on the whales, dolphins and porpoises - collectively known as cetaceans - found in the Hebrides. Scotlands west coast seas are globally important habitats for cetaceans, but sightings of turtles are much rarer, with just one other encounter with a leatherback turtle in over 17 years.

The turtle, which popped up just 100 metres away from the boat, startled the crew on board, none of whom had ever seen a turtle in the UK before.

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