Environmental sustainability and decent work!

Posted in July 2020

This is really an interesting start to this paper and very pertinent in light of the rapidly changing environment due to the effects of coronavirus.

What a title...Environmental sustainability
and decent work!

Making the economy environmentally sustainable is no longer optional, it is a necessity

A greener economy, as a way to achieve sustainable development, is not optional for sustainable enterprises and labour markets, it is a necessity. Escalating natural resource use and pollution will compound the growing scarcity of fresh water and fertile land and accelerate the loss of biodiversity and climate change beyond tolerable - perhaps even manageable – levels. The overuse of natural resources, such as forests, fish and clean water, and the rising levels of pollution, including emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), are increasingly exceeding planetary boundaries. The damage to economies and to society caused by environmental degradation has the potential to undo many of the gains in development and poverty reduction achieved over the past decades. Sectors that are the most threatened by climate change, such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, employ well over a billion people.


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