How many green jobs are there in the US?

Posted in July 2020

This is a fantastci 2018 article looking at how many green jobs are there in the US.

Published in May 2018 the report starts off by stating that according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency there are 10.3 million renewable energy jobs globally – a 5.3 % increase since 2017. The latest report on the makeup of the US energy sector work force also revealed that renewable energy employment is growing. During 2016, the US solar workforce increased by 25% and the number of employees in the US wind energy industry increased by 32 %.

Whilst these reports indicate that the number of employees in green jobs is growing they look at only at the energy and electricity-generation sectors. In the US the electricity-generation sector is relatively small at around 5% of the total workforce.

In our latest research we used data on the US job market to estimate how many green jobs there are in the rest of the US workforce and, for those jobs which are not green, how the transition to a low-carbon economy could affect them.....

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