Green Jobs: Impacts of a Green Economy on Employment

Posted in July 2020

This is a really excellent piece of research from 2015. Here is some of the Executive Summary....

Not only should the reduction of emissions and
utilisation of resources be achieved by a green economy, but also an increase in employment in sectors based on sustainable resource management and protection.

New employment that has been created in the area of
environmental technologies and renewable energies in
Germany and other Western industrial countries fuels
this hope. But can this also be applied to the context of developing countries? Or do the extra costs of resource and emission-intensive economies, taken as a whole, outweigh and even compromise opportunities for
development? The study from the literature presented
here attempts to contribute to the debate by bringing
together concepts, methods and findings for measuring
and predicting the employment effects of a transition to a green economy. Recommendations for development
cooperation are developed on this basis.

The study begins with an overview of the international
debate on issues related to a green economy and the
associated definitions, concepts and measurement
approaches (Section 1). The role of the effects on
employment in this context is then debated and various
concepts of green jobs are introduced (Section 2).
The subsequent section provides an overview of the
central instruments for promoting a green economy and
integrates them in an overall taxonomy (Section 3).
More detail of the employment relevance of these
instruments is given on this basis in section 4.
Section 5 then discusses the role of the accompanying
employment and labour market policy instruments.

In section 6, the most important methods for
identifying and assessing the impact of a green
economy on employment are presented. The empirical studies in hand are presented on this basis and their important findings are then summarised (Section 7). A series of recommendations for action to promote employment within the framework of green economy strategies in the context of development
cooperation are then discussed.

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