careers in environmental conservation

Posted in April 2020

So we will use this above title to explore just how you go about getting a career within this profession. We will explore the different niches within this very broad title...but often a title that people interested in working within this profession use. So this time we will look at...

1. The Ecological Consultancy Career

Genereally, but not always, this is within the private sector. However, some Wildlife Trusts have set up thier own consultancy NFP 'arms'.

Ecological consultants often provide a range of services to organisations that do not employ specialist staff or have insufficient expertise. Expertise ranges from forestry and water quality management, to species specific work such as surveying protected species such as bats, water voles, dormice. Its a great place to learn..and earn, the pay can be good. But on the downside, some companies seem to have little interest in acting on it beyond what is legally required...

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