Green and environmental jobs from EPVs

Posted in July 2018

There is currently a debate that is surfacing that has been rumbling along for a number of years' and its very suprising to me that it is now once again being debated.

It relates to electric powered cars, specifically the debate has centred on the Tesla range.

It has long been known that electric cars emit far fewer greenhouse gases than a conventional petrol or diesel car. It has also long been known that in order to run these cars they have to be plugged into the grid, and the grid is supplied predominantly by fossil fuels...which in turn completes the loop and you are in effect driving a car that is burning fossil fuels, albeit indirectly.

So why now is the debate raging, as if this is some kind of information discovery?

Answers on a postcard please :)

There is no doubt that fossil fuels need to be eliminated from the loop. But with that will come a loss of jobs maybe? however, will green jobs develop through the use of new technology?

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