Fauna & Flora International announce essay writing competition in The Independent newspaper

Posted in February 2011

Fauna & Flora International announce essay writing competition in The Independent newspaper

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is delighted to announce a competition open to the public-to write the best 1500-2000 word essay on The Future of English Forests?

The winning essay will receive a £5,000 prize from a prominent supporter of FFI.

"Let’s plan for the future of our green places and manage our forests even better," said Mark Rose, CEO of FFI.

The essay competition seeks the public’s view on the future of Englands forests.

Today the highly debated plans for the £250 million sale of the forests will be abandoned because of the furious backlash from the public towards the government.

However, sell off or no sell off off, we want to find a serious answer to one of this year’s most substantial questions regarding the environment in England.

FFIs competition will be judged by three independent judges, including: Tony Juniper, Michael McCarthy (The Independent) and Professor Oliver Rackham. Tony Juniper said, "We are looking forward to reading entries from people passionate about our forests and the biodiversity found in England. The public’s reaction from the proposed sale of woodlands is encouraging – people obviously care so much about green places."

We welcome entries from anyone living in England. We would like your entry to include: a strong vision with some discussion about a practical long-sighted plan, ensuring that the proposal could be carried out.

We are also looking for sound arguments for change and some analysis of the present management of our forests and why it may need improvement.

Although we are mainly looking for a clear argument and a ‘road map’ for forest management, good quality writing is also important so that your ideas are expressed as clearly as possible.

The deadline for FFI’s competition is 5pm on 25 March, 2011. A winner will be announced on in the second week of April 2011.

The winning entry will be published in The Independent newspaper (subject to meeting editorial standards).

Please keep all entries to between 1,500-2,000 words. Please email your essay to:

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